“Mind opens with knowledge.”

MASAA BOOKS is a division of MASAA HOUSE INC., specializing in providing a diverse library of publications from various publishing houses for readers seeking to broaden their knowledge and reading culture. When MASAA PUBLISHING was first established in Canada, its focus was on publishing and distributing to the Arab world. MASAA BOOKS, on the other hand, focuses on catering to North American readers interested in Arab culture. This division serves as a space for the exchange and intersection of cultures, where each enriches the other through a contemplation of human existence in all its backgrounds, cultures, and diversity. At MASAA BOOKS, we believe that the mind opens with knowledge, which is why we strive to provide a vast array of literary and intellectual publications.

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Our Sections

MASAA BOOKS is a diverse library that includes the publication of Arabic and English publishing houses in one room, primarily catering to readers in North America, whether they are Arab readers or Canadian and American readers interested in Arab culture. The online bookstore is one of the divisions of MASAA HOUSE INC., which also includes a publishing division, an art design firm, and other rooms dedicated to Arab culture in Canada. In addition to a wide variety of literary and intellectual publications, MASAA BOOKS also offers products from MASAA PRODUCTS and a private gallery space featuring works by Arab and Canadian artists through MASAA STUDIO.

MASAA PRODUCTS is dedicated to continuing the artistic style of MASAA PUBLISHING through remarkable book design and calligraphy, using photographic design and literary quotes on everyday materials to make art a daily and contemporary style.

MASAA STUDIO, on the other hand, presents artworks by Arab and Canadian artists in photography, graphic design, production, and submission to the browser. It is an artistic visual journey before it is a commercial gallery.

Why Masaa?

At MASAA BOOKS, we actively encourage innovation, which facilitates the development of new technologies and ensures product quality. Our market is global, and we strongly believe in creating healthy and loyal partnerships with our customers and suppliers to achieve our common goals.

“Books are the mirrors of the soul.”

― Virginia Woolf

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